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Many thanks for completing the above. We shall now use this information to produce your company's employment contracts, which will cover all of your current and forthcoming legal obligations as an employer.

Please note: The above information does not in itself create a complete Contract of Employment. Our Consultants will take this information and combined with their knowledge of current and forthcoming Employment Legislation, will be able to draft your documents.


In addition to your Employment Contracts, the following Essential Employer's Documents are also available from £10 each + VAT

Application Forms £20
Medical Screening Forms £20
Letter of Appointment £20
Data Protection Waiver £10
Induction Training Plan £20
Draft Appraisal Forms £20
Holiday Request Forms £10
Sickness Self Certification Form £10
Working Time Directive Opt Out Agreement £10
Letter to doctor to request medical report £10
Threat of redundancy £10
Formal Notice of Redundancy £10
Letter of invitation to a formal disciplinary meeting £10
Template for a Health & Safety Policy & Procedure £30
5 Point Risk Assessment Forms £10
Equal Opportunities Policy and Procedure £40
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For non-standard or specialist contract advice e.g. where employers have:

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2. Varying terms of pay and renumeration.

3. Bonus pay and commision rates.

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